3rd International Congress on PARASITES OF WILDLIFE, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 24 – 27 September 2017

Apart from interesting presentations about the parasites of wildlife to stimulate the mind, delegates can relax in the tranquillity of the park and enjoy its wildlife. It will be the perfect opportunity to,strengthen existing friendships and collaborations and forge new


British Society for Parasitology, Spring meeting, London

Evidence for a permanent presence of schistosomiasis in Corsica, France, summer 2015 

A case of acute schistosomiasis was  acquired in Corsica after bathing in the Cavu River during the summer of 2015. The diagnosis was made following epidemiological, laboratory and serological assessments. After a previous outbreak of urogenital schistosomiasis during the summer of 2013, when more than 120 infections were diagnosed, this further case indicates transmission was still effective in 2015, thus suggesting a permanent presence of schistosomiasis in Corsica.

WC Campbell, graduate from Trinity College, Dublin is one of the recipient of the Medicine Nobel prize 2015


Jean Dupouy-Camet, president of the EFP, sent him a letter of congratulations:

In the name of all European Parasitologists, I want to congratulate you for this well-deserved and supreme award in Medicine. Just a few parasitologists were awarded a Nobel Prize and you are following the paths opened by Ross & Laveran more a century ago.  You are a great example for all European parasitologists and it is a huge recognition of a whole life devoted to Science. Very few Nobel prizes were awarded to Irish people and you are the first in Medicine! Indeed, the discovery of ivermectin has been a fundamental breakthrough in the treatment and disappearance of river blindness and millions or African people have been liberated from this awful disease because of your discovery.  At the European Federation of Parasitologists we are particularly eager to attract young scientists to study parasites and we hope that they will be inspired by your extraordinary scientific life and, most important, by your great kindness and humility..."

William C Campbell answered:

I write to thank you, in your capacity as President of EFP, for the very warm and welcome letter conveying the  congratulations of the Federation.  Please convey my gratitude to the members.  (I apologize for this informal means of communication.  I have no secretary and am swamped with all my new activities.). Best regards”.

A new organization !

The mission of the International Association for Food and Waterborne Parasitology (IAFWP) is to promote and facilitate research and collaboration among those who are interested in food and waterborne parasitology for the generation and exchange information in order to advance public health parasitology, and to foster the application of such knowledge into approaches, methods, guidelines, recommendations and other outputs for use by standard-setting bodies, regulatory authorities, food producers, consumers and other stakeholders in reducing the global burden of parasites transmitted by food or water.

A new journal !  "Food and Waterborne Parasitology"
Published on behalf of the International Association for Food and Waterborne Parasitology

Editor-in-Chief: Alvin Gajadhar


IV Parasitology Summer Course (ParSCo) !

5th– 12th September 2015, Bari, Italy

organized by the European Parasitology Veterinary College and Domenica Otranto (University of Bari)

Details can be downloaded here:


International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface 
August 6-8, 2015

Dear colleagues It is our pleasure to invite you to submit abstracts to ICOPHAI-2015. This year’s international congress will cover zoonotic, food-borne and other significant diseases at the interface of human and animal health within the context of One Health for Sustainable Development. ICOPHAI 2015 aims to raise awareness by exchanging scientific and policy information, facilitate networking and stimulating interactions among scientists in academia, industry, government agencies and inter-governmental organizations (IGO) and development partners on the key aspects of zoonotic diseases the role of animals and ecosystem on global public health. Participants will include researchers, veterinarians, physicians, policy makers, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and industry representatives working in related fields from various parts of the world. The thematic areas include: Special session: Ebola, MERS and other emerging viral diseases of zoonotic significance; Plenary sessions: 1) Operationalizing One Health and impact on development; 2) Vector-borne Zoonoses, Environment and Role of Wildlife; 3) Antimicrobial Resistance, alternatives and new antimicrobial agents 4) Food-borne and Water-borne Zoonoses; 5) Genomics and Pathogen Detection Systems; 6) Immunology and Vaccine Development.

Wondwossen A. Gebreyes, DVM, PhD DACVPM    Pongruk Sribanditmongkol  MD, PhD 

Abstract submission deadline: April 15, 2015


A recent message from Ana Flisser, president of ICOPAXII

 "ICOPA XIII, held in Mexico City on August 2014, would like to share with you the final report and messages from participants. Please enter, in the opening page you will be able to find this information. We hope you enjoy reading it. Have a wonderful New Year ! "


9th International Symposium on Fish Parasitology

 31st of August to 4th of September 2015 in Valencia (Spain)

The scientific program will include the diversity of approaches and research fields in fish parasitology, with a special interest on the “New Challenges in Fish Parasitology” facing us for the next years: parasite diversity and development of techniques for taxonomic and phylogenetic analyses, biology of parasites and host-parasite interactions, parasites as pathogens in aquaculture and wild ecosystems, use of parasites as bioindicators of ecosystems and fish stocks, and the impact of global changes and human activities on fish and their parasites in different earth regions.

Please see the website for further information 


EFP NEWS letters (see bottom of the page for downloads)

Click here for the last issue (dec 2014)


BSP Spring Meeting 2015, Liverpool                                                                                       Liverpool, 16th April 2015 - until - 18th April 2015

Liverpool will host the BSP 2015 Spring Meeting at the BT Convention Centre on the banks of the River Mersey from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th of April, 2015.




14th International Conference on Trichinellosis
Berlin, Germany, 14th to 18th September 2015

For further information :

Dear Colleagues,
We are delighted to encourage you to attend the 14th International Conference on Trichinellosis (ICT-14).
The program will cover a variety of topics related to Trichinella and trichinellosis, including:

  • Biology
  • Phylogeny
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Host-pathogen interaction, immunology
  • Detection
  • Epidemiology
  • Human trichinellosis and treatment
  • Legislation and control
Dr Karsten Nöckler Chair Local Organizing Committee


XXVIth World Congress on Echinococcosis, Cystic and Alveolar Echinococcosis: Old Diseases–New Challenges

Bucharest, Romania, 01-03 October 2015, in the Conference Rooms of Phoenicia Grand Hotel.

The topics will be dedicated to both veterinarians and human doctors (parasitologists, infectious diseases specialists, surgeons, epidemiologists, public health, general practitioners and laboratory specialists) etc. We are pleased to invite you to participate to this event and as this is the Second Announcement of the Congress, you can find organizatory data about it and general information about Romania and Bucharest on our web-site: For a better preparation of all details, we are kindly asking you to answer ASAP to this message, confirming its reception and announcing us your intention of participation. At the same time, we are asking you to support us and to diseminate this information about the Congress to all your colleagues and partners which could be interested in participating to this event, so that to get in touch with us. Assuring you of our fullest attention at all times, we remain,Yours sincerely,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Carmen-Michaela Cretu

President of the XXVI-th World Congress on Echinococcosis      
President of the Romanian Association of Hydatidology 

University of Medicine and Pharmacy" C. Davila" Colentina Clinical Hospital  Bucharest - Romania  


HERACLES a European colloborative project  for  Echinococcosis

HERACLES (Human cystic Echinococcosis ReseArch in Central and Eastern Socities)  is designed to provide new insights into parasite/host relationship associated with the epidemiology, clinical manifestation, parasite infectivity, host immunity, improvement of therapeutic treatment and new tools for the detection, diagnosis and follow-up of CE. HERACLES will translate the research results into affordable and easy-to-use, point-of-care commercial tools (POC-LOC) for its use in less favored Eastern European countries (EEC) affected by CE. We will deliver a methodology and an amount of data, exploitable in new diagnostic tools for epidemiological surveillance in animals, and diagnosis and follow up in humans. Moreover, the European Registry of Cystic Echinococcosis (ERCE) will be created to provide baseline data for future risk calculations and to establish a prospective case retrieval.


Odile Bain Memorial Prize 2014
The "Odile Bain Memorial Prize" (OBMP) will be awarded annually by Parasites & Vectors in association with Merial, to perpetuate the memory of Odile Bain (28/04/1939 – 16/10/2012), Helminthology Department, Natural History Museum of Paris, France.
This award has been established for Odile's outstanding contribution to medical and veterinary parasitology, her actions in encouraging productive collaborations among biologists, veterinarians, physicians, and fundamental and applied parasitologists worldwide and her enthusiasm for parasitology.


Deadline 31st January 2014


Pr Lorenzo Savioli (WHO) recipient of the EFP Senior Scientist Award

Pr Lorenzo Savioli (department of Control of neglected Tropical disease, WHO) was awarded the EFP Senior Scientist Award in recognition of his contribution to research in Parasitology and outstanding achievements in the control of human & neglected parasitic diseases. see here


EMOP 11 gathered more than 750 parasitologists from 65 countries in Cluj-Napoca.

EMOP 11 has been organised in 2012 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


EFP invited to ESCAIDE 2011

The EFP was invited to the ESCAIDE 2011 organized  by the ECDC in Stockholm  (6-9 november 2011) to present the important and emerging parasitosis in Europe.
S. Mas-Coma, P. Dorny, T. Romig & J. Dupouy-Camet presented data about climate changes, echinococcosis, meatborne parasitosis and the available capacities and expertise in Europe.
Future collaboration between the two organizations were discussed.


EMOP 10  in Paris

"Parasite" special issue collecting EMOP 10 invited lectures is now available for free; if interested click here and search for "Xth EMOP"

Resolutions on the Teaching of Parasitology adopted during EMOP10 in Paris:

1.    There is the need to homogeneize the teaching of Parasitoloy in Europe, as regards especially the minimum number of hours, contents and competence

2.    There is the need to establish a Working Group for each kind of faculties to set up guidelines which should be presented to the European Commission and to the different ministries of Education in each European country.

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